LOGIC MARKETING with 15 years of experience has experience in doing marketing and communication projects from 20 product categories.

The financial sector, IT industry, construction sector, telecommunications, automotive industry, chain stores, interior design and furnishing industry.

Services: Marketing campaigns, digital and content marketing, social networks marketing, internet marketing, media buying, PR, congresses and conventions, design, production, branding, marketing and communication strategies, and operative plans.

Create Magic With Logic.

New corporate film by PHOENIX Farmacija


How to represent the employees of the pharmaceutical industry in an interesting way? Let us think... Perhaps as basketball players, actors, builders, movie buffs … When presenting the new team at PHOENIX Farmacija to the company's business partners LOGIC MARKETING made an interesting promotional film, in which many will recognise themselves.

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General danger! Fire blazes in Daruvar!


Don't worry, we have not set Daruvar on fire! Instead, we were in charge of the promotion of two Croatian bands that are truly on fire – Vatra and Opća opasnost – at this year's "Vinodar" event in Daruvar. "Vinodar" is a traditional event that represents one of the most entertaining occasions in western Slavonia, and LOGIC MARKETING has

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ADIVA Pharmacies Launch a Loyalty Programme

POST_featured_VIZUAL loyalty

We started 2015 with the launch of the new loyalty programme titled "Faithful to health" (Vjerni zdravlju) in 130 ADIVA pharmacies. In addition to the role of the consultant responsible for the implementation and setting-up of the project, LOGIC MARKETING was also entrusted with the role of devising the programme name and branding and positioning the brand in the

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Brand architecture, brand strategy, brand design. Conceptualisation and design of visual identities. Brand analysis, identification of potential and building brands. Both large and small brands have learned to fly with us. We shoot them from a magic cannon out into the world.

Internet Advertising / Digital Marketing

Facebook ads, Google Search ads, Google Display campaigns, web banners, native advertising, online prize contests… We’re savvy at all forms of digital marketing. Our first Internet campaign saw the light of day 15 years ago. Send us an inquiry and check us out.

Design and art direction

A dash to the left, a dash to the right, a piece of yellow, and a slice of blue. Every industry has its own mix, every client has its own writing style. We are illustrators, designers and art directors. We position products and titles. We choose the key visuals. We colour the paths of set strategies.

Marketing Campaigns

Using logic to develop creative solutions. We produce integrated marketing campaigns, digital and classical marketing campaigns, Internet, YouTube and social media campaigns. Our creative solutions have made a mark on all media. What we find most rewarding is the difference we make on our clients’ sales results.

Marketing Strategies and Consulting

If your sales are dropping and your brand is not recognisable, have no worries. We have the right solution for you. We produce magical potions adapted to each client: market analyses, key success factors, brand positioning, marketing strategies, promotional plans, etc. We will consult and guide you on your path towards building your brand.

Internet and classical media – planning and buying ad space

We search for our way through media noise by spotting opportunities, using analyses, Excel spreadsheets, Google Analytics, etc. We follow the stars and trends. For us, there are two media categories: those that are relevant and those that are redundant. We make this distinction in order to maximise performance, give visibility to a message on the Internet, YouTube, TV, magazine, etc. Our efforts translate into your good investment.

Social Media Marketing

We have been working in Social Media Marketing for five years: creating Facebook and Instagram profiles, administering social media, creating prize contests, promotions and social media applications. Rich experience and a whole team of content writers make the social media pages we administer more successful than the competition. Check out why.

Content Marketing

New tools for a new age. In addition to pen, paper and eraser, we’re also proficient in using an iPad, mouse, keyboard and mobile phone. In addition to the classic advertorial and brochure, our portfolio also includes writing blogs, online articles, online PR publications, infographics, websites, eBooks, etc. Our team of editors and journalists has moved onto digital platforms. Digital content and digital marketing represent our new motto.

DTP and Graphic Prepress Preparation

Two hundred magazine issues, hundreds of brochures and catalogues, thousands of flyers and formatted ads. We make text layouts, edit photos, open files, finish prepress preparations. We brainstorm about font sizes and relations between elements. We cover everything – the sky is our only limit.

Social networks

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